S Blance Associates Ltd

Employment Law, Human Resource Management & Mediation Consultancy

Providing expertise in the management

& development of your greatest asset... People

Our client base and experience includes organisations in the private and public sectors and ranges from small businesses with as few staff as three to medium and large enterprises where staff number in the hundreds and thousands.

With experience in highly unionised organisations and smaller independant businesses we have the experience, professional and academic qualifications to meet the challenges your business faces. Whether that is one off expertise for a specific programme or problem or the outsourcing of your Human Resource function we can meet your needs cost effectively.

For more information on how we can assist you with the management and development of your staff...

Staff Management & Development:

  • Employment Law advice and expertise
  • Strategy Development
  • Policy and procedure development and introduction
  • Developing strategies for managing organisational change
  • Leadership & management development training
  • Development and introduction of Competency Frameworks
  • Executive Coaching
  • 360 degree feedback programmes
  • Performance management
  • Expertise in team building & development
  • Mediation of conflict situations in the work place